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I LOVE IT!!! Empty I LOVE IT!!!

Post  smlb125 on Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:49 pm

It's amazing that you guys sell cheap chinese fake ass speakers out of van and are proud of it. That is worse then selling used cars. Only a NIGGER would be proud of that, no matter how much he made. I love it when I see you guys in Cleveland OHIO.Nothing like calling the cops and then walking up to you and making you think im interested so you will waste your time trying to sell me some shit while I know the cops are on their way. I love the look on your faces when you get arrested and your van full of "precious cargo" gets towed away. It's priceless. Guess what, you think that vette and big house is gonna keep you safe? What happens when you get busted and they say well damn how did he get all of this with no real job? Then comes the IRS and audits your nigger asses and you loose everything. I fucking love it. That family of yours living at the local holiday inn till you can get a new van and sell more generic speakers cause you cant really hustle for shit. You are just niggers trying to sell shit out of a trunk. Nothing more.


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I LOVE IT!!! Empty Re: I LOVE IT!!!

Post  YouPaidForMyNewVette on Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:27 am

hey how much did we get you for, you fuckin gump
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