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I just want to share with some of you, how "I get down" Wanna get pumped before you work, read this!! Ive been doing this since 1997, 5 Years with soundivision, and the rest a Indie, now if you know about us "indies" we got to stay motivated, not use drugs, WORK, DO NOT STOP ON 1 OR 2 SETS, keep going and going. Dont stress out, fuck these guys, there our food. You got a shitball partner, fuck him, "cherry coke his ass" and do a 5 sid. There is a top 2% of the people that do this, i wish to believe i am in that club.
There is no reason, you cant make, how much you actually try too, in this job...yeah....yeah...yeah STFU....PMA=OPM 100% of the time all the time.
There are a few kinds of speakerguy, "company dependants" has-been's" "rockstars" and "indies". The last 2 is where the cash is at.

Im a "indie"

im up at the crack of dawn, son. 7am jamming to music, planning my route, what i got to do. With that much prep, youd have to be a fag to not be able to sell 3 sets by 5 oclock, and all for BIG money. Shit if your a Vet, you better be STFO!! specially if your powered up!!

Guys, this job does pay off, and im sick of these loser ass suckers that got sold, and wanna come on here and say "we dont make money"

I live in one of the NICEST parts of dallas
I OWN a sick 3 bedroom BRAND NEW house, security cameras, 2 car garage...ect, all on my own
I have to look at my cars and decide "Hmmmm, should i drive my corvette today or my tahoe???
I have CD's, IRA's, yeah guys pay tax on your money, own over 100k and get audited, so pay your shit
My vette was built by ligenfelter and LG motorsports...and it has do you do with that much power!!!
My bank account is ridiculious
My tahoe has more TV's than my house....
I have a Plasma in about ever room in my house....

I MEAN, IM JUST A BAD ASS SPEAKERDUDE, AND WILL STFO OF ANYONE ANYWHERE.....its so funny, if you saw me, youd think im the biggest pussy, but i would OWN your brain, i never stole nothing except a dumbass's mind...

dallas speakerguys, yall know me and 20forbeers...

come take my crown.."The Money set Master, no one can do it faster".....make it or take it, sound fair?? I drive though... king king king

-King Of Dallas (waiting for someone to TRY and take my crown)
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